Casino gaming tournaments are truly something to behold, whether they are held online or in a real brick and mortar location, there always seems to be more excitement than should be contained in a single location. From poker and blackjack tournaments that increase in popularity around the world every year, through slot machine tourneys, the number of people that participate is astounding.
With so many different types of poker events happening, from small weekly and daily single room happenings at casinos everywhere all the way up to worldwide, internationally broadcast tournaments, it’s difficult to explain them simply. There are low, high, and no limit played through different variations of the game, such as Texas Hold ‘Em, and different scales for blind and ante increases. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat competitions tend to follow the same curve, with small changes to suit the different nature of the game itself.
The frantic pace of slot tourneys are truly something to behold when seen live but can be very exciting for the players who choose to roll online as well. In both cases, players can pay a buy in to guarantee their entry and thus their chance at the grand and smaller prizes, and then are given a set amount of credit and a time limit in which to rack up the highest score and take the top purse. Sometimes there are also awards given out to players with worst scores in the pack. These are often much shorter than contests played with table based games but the energy and excitement packed into such a short time frame make up for the difference in length.
Knowing the exact type of event that you are looking to enter also helps as there are different barriers to entry. Three examples of these are Free Roll, Invitational, and Guaranteed. In Free Roll, the cost of the buy in is covered by the host casino or site. Invitational is exactly that, participants must gain entry either through ranking highly in events leading up to the big tourney or being invited based on other previous performance or notoriety. Guaranteed is almost exclusively played online and makes sure that there is no fluctuation in the prize pool, no matter how many players take part so that those participating know exactly what they can win.
Whether you’re one of the players or watching on televised broadcasts and live streams, casino gaming tournaments are great entertainment, not to mention big money for the winners. Watching others play is also an exciting way for new, less experienced players to learn the nuances and strategies necessary to become tournament ready and get to the top of the leader boards themselves.